Keeping your products in
optimal condition

Reliable logistics timing and optimal product storage are vital for the F&B industry. With Jumppoint's professional cold chain logistics equipment, your products are always in the best condition during transportation.

Logistics cost
savings (up to)
70 %
Delivery success rate
(Cold chain)
99.9976 %
delivery rate
99.998 %
1st time delivery
success rate
99.957 %

Flawlessly meeting your business demands

Effectively reduce logistics cost

Our advanced logistics technology ensures optimal capacity and efficiency for every delivery route, minimizing resource wastage and allowing businesses to schedule cost-effective deliveries with lower shipping fees. This helps significantly alleviate the burden of logistics costs.

Maintaining Products in their Best Condition

With Jumppoint's professional-grade refrigerated trucks and temperature-controlled warehouses, your products are kept in optimal condition throughout storage and delivery, minimizing any losses during transportation.

Flexible delivery schedules and options

Jumppoint offers flexible delivery schedules tailored to the operating hours and requirements of different types of restaurants. We provide options for same-day or next-day delivery, allowing you to efficiently manage your inventory.

Delivery Solutions

Customized solutions for specialized goods

We offer specialized handling for goods, such as premium meats and fine wines, ensuring their safe transportation to the desired destinations as per merchant requirements.

Cold Chain Delivery

Enhanced supply chain agility

By utilizing Jumppoint's in-house temperature-controlled warehouse, you gain the advantage of seamless product storage and swift distribution. This enables you to respond quickly to market demands and adjust inventory as needed.

Jumppoint's services are simply outstanding! Highly recommended!

Mr. A, the General Manager of a Japanese-style restaurant chain

Jumppoint's flexible delivery times have greatly enhanced our restocking process.

Gavin, the CEO of a chain of coffee shops

Stable service and punctual deliveries! Highly satisfied!

Mr. Quan, the owner of a cha chaan teng (Hong Kong-style tea restaurant)

Elevate your logistics with Jumppoint