Become our Logistics Partner

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Consistent Orders, Effortless Earnings

Additional Perks

Unlock greater earning potential with our advanced AI routing engine, maximizing order amounts for effortless income.

Consistent Demand

Our optimized routes maximize order amounts, guaranteeing our driver partners earn to their fullest potential.

Professional Support

Our dedicated support team is available all time to assist you in effortlessly completing tasks.

No Experience Required

Individuals aged 18 and above, possessing a Hong Kong identity card, are eligible to apply as our logistics partners.


Our comprehensive safety training equips you with the necessary skills to efficiently carry out your work.



Essential Information for Prospective Jumppoint Driver Partners

How to apply to become a Jumppoint driver partner?

Applicants simply need to provide their personal and vehicle information on our website. Jumppoint will then reach out to the applicants within 5 working days. Kindly stay attentive to incoming calls and WhatsApp messages following the application submission.

How does Jumppoint's operation work?

Jumppoint offers comprehensive door-to-door delivery and warehousing logistics services. Our driver partners are responsible for fulfilling assigned orders within specified timeframes.

Can driver partners work on a part-time basis?

Yes, you have the flexibility to work either full-time or part-time.

Is there an entry fee to become a Jumppoint driver partner?

No. NO additional fee is required for being our driver partner.

Become our driver partner

Become our Warehouse Partner

Jumppoint operates professional multi-temperature warehouses, encompassing frozen (-18°C), refrigerated (0°C - 4°C), air-conditioned (19 - 25°C), and room temperature zones. With an experienced warehouse management team, we handle over 10,000 shipments daily.

We are currently seeking individuals from diverse backgrounds to join our team. Primary responsibilities include general warehouse tasks such as forklift operation, inventory management, loading and unloading goods, and utilizing computer systems for efficient processing and tracking of shipments. This ensures smooth and effective management of goods within the warehouse.

Join as a Pickup Service Partner

To enhance customer parcel pickup convenience, we are inviting self-pickup points and businesses to join our logistics network as self-pickup partners.

With over 1,000 daily customer pickups at Jumppoint self-pickup points, becoming a self-pickup partner can boost foot traffic to your store and drive sales.

Interested businesses can fill out the form, and our representative will contact applicants within 5 working days. Please stay attentive to incoming calls and WhatsApp messages.