Jumppoint International Express

Deliver to 125+ countries and regions
Your reliable international logistics network
One-stop e-Commerce cross border solution - Pickup, Line-Haul, Customs Clearance, Last Mile delivery to your doorstep

Jumppoint International Express Delivery Coverage

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Parcel Pick-up

Pick up by Jumppoint team once order received

Export Customs Clearances and Declarations

Jumppoint will arrange all relevant and necessary export customs clearances or declarations for the customer

Freight Forwarding

Jumppoint will arrange the most optimal cross-border shipping mode for the customer

Import Customs Clearance

Import customs clearances upon arrival at destination country;
The dedicated team will manage the entire Import Customs Clearance process for the customer

Last-Mile Delivery

Last Mile Delivery will be arranged to your doorstep

Delivery to Warehouse or Store

Jumppoint International Express can also deliver goods to designated warehouses, stores or any designated location according to customer requirements

Features of Jumppoint International Express

Affordable pricing | Timely Delivery| Real-time shipment tracking

Jumppoint International Express provides one-stop professional e-Commerce fulfillment services, logistics consultants can provide professional opinions and formulate a plan customized to customer needs.

Services can help customers handle all fulfilment processes including pick-up, line-haul, customs clearances and last mile delivery to improve the speed and efficiency of the overall fulfilment process. Customers can avoid the troubles of inventory management and logistics, and can concentrate on expanding the international e-commerce business.

Customers can track their orders real-time through our website or our customer services team

Global fulfilment network connecting you with 125+ countries and regions

Jumppoint's global logistics network

Jumppoint's global express network covers over 125 countries and regions globally, including but not limited to Greater China, South East Asia, North Asia, North & South America and Europe.

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