Jumppoint Fulfillment Services

Your ideal logistics partner to help you expand businesses and clients to the entire Hong Kong

Sq ft multi-temperature warehouse
Full-service warehouses located across Hong Kong, with extensive distribution network serving all 18 Hong Kong districts
Service satisfaction rate
Temperature controlled zones in warehouses

Jumppoint Fulfillment Services

Diversified customized logistics services: basic warehousing and management services, good processing and packaging, last mile delivery, etc.

Cold-Chain and Multi-temperature Warehouse Services

400,000+ sq ft warehouse space offering multi-temperature parcel storage, as low as -18°C

Warehouse establishment and management

Our team is experienced in managing warehouses (including refrigerated warehouses), can offer industry best-practice advice to facilitate clients in establishing, upgrading and managing warehouses

Food Processing and Product Packaging

Customized services such as food processing and product packaging, catering clients' business needs.

Last-Mile Delivery

Resourceful logistics team to support the last-mile delivery

Features of Jumppoint Fulfillment Services

Punctual and Reliable|Efficient and safe|One-stop service|Designed customer services

Extensive warehousing and distribution network

  • 5 full-service warehouses located across Hong Kong, totaling 400,000+ sq ft warehouse space
  • Multi-temperature storage at your choice: -18 to -12°C, 0 to 4°C, 19 to 25°C and room temperature
  • Refrigerated trucks & warehouses, catering chained retail and restaurant outlets' logistics need

Top-tier warehouse management with high delivery accuracy

  • Experienced in catching time-sensitive sale cycles and delivery requirements of e-commerce platforms
  • Independent fleet for timely delivery services
  • 99.995% Warehouse Management and Delivery Accuracy Rate and 99.995% Service Satisfaction Rate

Value-added services at your choice

  • Wide-ranging value-added services, including product labeling and packaging, food processing, as well as in-store product placements, catering business needs of different clients

Real-time update warehouse and API docking

  • Our own warehouse monitoring system to check on the real-time inventory status for accurate inventory management;
  • API opt-in to connect to major platforms' logistics systems, combining warehouse and distribution to optimise operation efficiency
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