Why Jumppoint?

Transform logistics industry with disruptive AI technology
Reduce logistics cost and delivery time
Enhance customer experience

Technology empowered Logistics advantages

Saving cost up to 70%

Making use of the latest technology to transform how logistics company operates, Jumppoint optimises delivery capability with artificial technology, in accordance with real-time user demand.

Jumppoint in-house developed multi-level dynamic routing algorithm, Jumppoint.ai boosts delivery efficiency and logistics cost by optimizing logistics capacity and shortening delivery routes.

Extensive pick-up and delivery network

Extensive network in Hong Kong with 1,000+ self pick-up locations, including Circle K convenience store and alfred24 Lockers

*24 hours services available at designed pick-up locations, adjusting to users' busy schedule

Low Cost Multi-temperature Delivery

Offering professional Same day & Next day Cold-Chain logistics solutions, ranging from -18 to -12°C; 0 to 4°C; 19 to 25°C to room temperature services

Jumppoint's intelligent route planning and optimization algorithm assists our logistics team find the most cost-effective solution to the customer

Standardized processes, guaranteed protection

Our standardized processes minimizes the service error incidents to improve customer experiences. In the unfortunate event where shipments are damaged or lost in transit, Jumppoint will offer necessary protections so users need not to worry about a total loss of the goods.

Built-in API enabling real-time tracking

Real-time order tracking available on Jumppoint website, mobile application or through our dedicated customer service hotline.

Built-in API enabling customer to handle inventory, create and update orders with ease

Jumppoint, the one-stop platform to service all your needs

Online Stores and
e-Commerce platform

Reducing your operational cost and strengthening your advantages with high-quality and cost-saving delivery services, enabled by Jumppoint.

Retail and distributor

Building transparency into your supply chain with Jumppoint, technology-enabled logistics solutions to enhance cooperation and information flow.

Third-party logistics service provider

Offering one-stop services from warehouse operation, product packaging to delivery to minimize your logistics pressure.

e-Commerce Platform

Offering one-stop services for B2C
e-commerce users from importing and exporting, courier and fulfillment logistics solution.

Fresh & frozen food producer

Offering multi-temperature, Same-day and Scheduled delivery services for frozen food, fresh produce and any daily supply, door-to-door.

Our Partners

Yoho Hong Kong

Electronic devices are products needed to be delivered with caution due to its high values. Jumppoint professional services and delivery warranty mechanism offers guarantee to our online customers.

Guess ? Asia Limited

Corporate logistics is very time-sensitive and has to be reliable. Jumppoint services allowing us to conduct scheduling of goods efficiently.


The reliable customer services and communication channels offered by Jumppoint is the reason why we chose them as logistics partner.

A Mall

Cold-Chain services offered by Jumppoint is exactly what our alcohol business needs - safe and sound cold-chain delivery, delivered in time with quality.