Retail Chains

Streamline operations &
enhance logistics efficiency

Supported by a robust logistics network, we cater to the diverse business delivery needs of chain retail merchants. Our services include multi-temp delivery, ensuring that goods are delivered punctually and in excellent condition.

Local logistics costs
savings up to
37.4 %
Packages & shipments
5 Millions
delivery rate
99.998 %
1st time delivery
success rate
99.957 %

Flawlessly meeting your business demands

Effectively reduce logistics cost

Our advanced logistics technology ensures optimal capacity and efficiency for every delivery route, minimizing resource wastage and allowing businesses to schedule cost effective deliveries with lower shipping fees. This helps significantly alleviate the burden of logistics costs.

Optimize the logistics supply chain

By leveraging technology and extensive management experience, we provide tailored recommendations and solutions to optimize clients' business logistics efficiency, addressing their specific needs and unforeseen events.

Served by a professional and reliable logistics team

Offering clear work guidelines to our logistics partners, we ensure a professional and efficient delivery process. This saves customers valuable time and resources, as they no longer need to train and manage their own fleet.

Order management

Automated logistics processes

We provide automated logistics processes that streamline operations. Easily manage orders, track shipments, and integrate with our API applications or E-commerce platform extensions for a seamless and efficient order management experience.


Tailor-made logistics solutions designed to meet your unique requirements

We specialize in tailor-made logistics solutions, offering customized services like cold chain transportation and shelf stocking. By addressing specific business needs, we optimize operational efficiency and enhance overall logistics performance.

Jumppoint's delivery service is top-notch! It's professional, reliable, and gives us the flexibility we need for managing inventory in our warehouses and on store shelves. It's been a game-changer for us!

Mr. C
the Operations Manager of a large chain supermarket

Jumppoint's service charges are highly competitive in the market! Combined with their excellent delivery service and customer support, it's definitely great value for money!

Mr. Sato, the Operations Director of a Japanese chain supermarket.

Elevate your logistics with Jumppoint