Suppliers & Distributors

Comprehensive warehousing &
inventory management support

Tailored warehouse subscriptions & customized solutions to streamline business processes and enhance supply chain efficiency

warehouse space (sq. ft.)
management oversight
Inbound & outbound
accuracy rate
99.9958 %
Warehousing cost
savings up to
30 %

Flawlessly meeting your business demands

Professional support for proper goods storage

With over 400,000 sq. ft. of temp-controlled warehouse space, incl. zones at -18°C and 4°C, and 24/7 professional management, we cater to your specific storage needs, ensuring your goods are kept in optimal conditions.

Effectively reduce logistics cost

Jumppoint provides cost effective warehousing and handling services, minimizing logistics expenses for merchants. With the ability to adjust the rented warehouse space as needed, merchants have greater flexibility and control over their logistics expenditures.

Dedicated support for your warehousing needs

Convenient order processing with dedicated personnel to assist and track instructions, ensuring accurate inventory management and warehouse arrangements.

Value-added Services

Improving your supply chain management

We provide a wide range of value-added services to merchants, incl. sorting, packaging, labeling, food processing, etc. Additionally, we offer customized solutions for different types of value-added services, catering to the specific logistics needs of each merchant.

Cold Chain Delivery

Comprehensive supply chain solutions

Merchants can arrange direct shipments from our warehouses, ensuring swift and flexible product distribution. By utilizing Jumppoint's delivery team, merchants can reduce logistics costs by avoiding warehouse entry service fee.

From pick-up, processing, packaging to delivery, Jumppoint's arrangements are impeccable!

Kim, the head of local wholesale distributor of frozen seafood

Reliable and attentive follow-up, providing peace of mind. Highly recommended!

Johnny, the owner of Wine Wholesaler

The warehouse rental is extremely competitive, with guaranteed quality and absolute value for money! Highly recommended!

Simonne, the owner of frozen meat company

Elevate your logistics with Jumppoint