3rd Party Logistics Providers

Improve logistics supply chain operations

Supply chain optimization and enhanced logistics processes, incl. consolidation, sorting, and last-mile delivery, to expedite goods flow and ensure timely recipient delivery.

warehouse space (sq. ft.)
Order processing
(per month - peak)
Inbound & outbound
accuracy rate
99.9958 %
delivery rate
99.995 %

Flawlessly meeting your business demands

Expedite shipment

Upon verifying the arrival of the items at the warehouse, we will expedite their delivery to the recipient, ensuring that they are dispatched within 1 business day of placing the order. This streamlined process minimizes the duration the products remain in the warehouse.

Reliable last-mile delivery

After the order is shipped, both the sender and recipient can track the delivery and check the status of the goods through a tracking website, ensuring transparency and traceability throughout the process.

Optimize logistics expenditure

By leveraging our in-house developed logistics technology, we can effectively reduce unnecessary logistics costs, allowing customers to benefit from discounted prices for logistics and delivery arrangements.

Shipment management

Dedicated team to handle individual cases

Our dedicated logistics consultants provide expertise, guidance, and recommendations, resulting in faster and seamless flow of goods throughout the entire process.

Extensive warehouse network

Powerful order processing capabilities

With our own warehouses and cloud based network, we have the capacity, experience, and manpower to handle orders of all sizes, ensuring precise and timely delivery to recipients.

Jumppoint consultants provide invaluable support by closely tracking and reporting on project progress, enabling us to effectively handle unique situations.

Johnson, the Operations Manager at an international logistics company

Great confidence in Jumppoint due to their efficient and accurate service.

Sam, the Senior supervisor at a local logistics giant

We extend our gratitude to Jumppoint for providing us with professional and high quality last-mile delivery services!

Judy, the Executive at logistics company in SEA

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