Jumppoint Smart Logistics Network

Advanced logistics technology for transparent, efficient, and reliable digital logistics solutions, optimizing supply chains for all businesses.

Asia's leading comprehensive logistics service provider
On-time delivery rate of 99.998%
Significant reduction of up to 70% in cross-border logistics costs
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Smart Logistics Solutions & Logistics Asset Services

Technology-driven, cost effective logistics solutions;
expertly managing logistics asset projects with extensive experience

E-commerce Logistics
Significant reduction in logistics costs
up to 70%


Maximizing efficiency: Leveraging technology for competitive edge

Our AI-powered route planning selects the most efficient delivery methods and routes by considering factors such as distance, delivery points, cargo volume, costs & time. Leveraging advanced technology, we enhance logistics efficiency, reducing costs by up to 70% and providing a competitive advantage for E-commerce businesses.

Effective corporate management: A team of industry-leading professionals

Our management team comprises industry experts from various sectors. With extensive experience in local express delivery, cross border logistics, cold chain supply chain, SEA E-commerce, China logisitics solution, warehousing & fulfilment, & logistics asset management, we are well-equipped to provide merchants with optimal and efficient advice and solutions.

Comprehensive logistics experience: Dedicated support throughout the entire shipping process

Our logistics network encompasses sectors such as local delivery, warehousing, import-export operations, cross border shipping, and last-mile delivery. Each stage of the shipping process is overseen by industry specialists, ensuring the secure and efficient transportation of goods to their destination.

Double guarantee: Real time tracking and cargo security

Real time tracking and peace of mind: Our customers can easily track their shipments online and enjoy the added security of our cargo protection coverage when using Jumppoint services.

Tailored logistics solutions for different industries

Offering a wide range of logistics solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses.

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