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Hong Kong Leading Cold-Chain and e-Commerce Home Delivery
100% Order Acceptance Guaranteed
‍Cost-Saving and Time-Efficient Delivery powered by our Proprietary Intelligent Routing Algorithm

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has already served over 10,000 merchants

Intelligent Route Planning & Optimization

Jumppoint's intelligent route planning and optimization algorithm enables our logistics team to arrange the most cost-effective route for delivery

Standardized Professional Services

Our team offers standardized professional logistics services, ensuring our customers with the best quality services and user experiences

100% Order Acceptance Guaranteed

Unlike other logistics platforms, we guarantee a 100% order acceptance rate to put an end to customers logistics worries

Real-time Order Tracking

Jumppoint offers the seamless order tracking experience to both sellers and consumers. Users can track their order status accurately anytime, anywhere.

Delivery Warranty

Your safest choice for delivery. In the unfortunate event where shipments are damaged or lost in transit, Jumppoint will offer necessary protections so users need not to worry about a total loss of the goods.

Jumppoint Total e-Commerce Logistics Solutions

Full range e-Commerce Logistics Solutions catering the needs of online stores, e-commerce platforms, third-party logistics companies and cross-border e-commerce sellers & platforms.

Jumppoint Standard Express

  • As soon as Next Day Delivery
  • Up to 20KG per order, applicable to shipments bigger in size
    E.g. electronic devices, daily supplies, maternity and baby products, etc.
  • Service scope includes door-to-door pickup and delivery

Jumppoint Cold-Chain Delivery

  • Offers 4 temperature ranges: -18 to -12°C; 0 to 4°C; 19 to 25°C& room temperature
  • Supports multi-temperature shipments per order
  • 100% shipments delivered with high quality refrigerated trucks
  • Up to 3 days complimentary storage

Jumppoint Self Pick-up Services

  • Delivery within 1 to 3 days
  • Self pick-up services available at 350+ convenience stores, Jumppoint partners and pickup lockers in Hong Kong
  • Service scope includes pick-up services and delivery to designated self pick-up locations

Jumppoint Same-day Express

  • Morning Pick-up, as soon as Afternoon Delivery
  • Up to 20KG per Order, application to shipments such as wine or urgent parcels
  • Service scope includes door to door pickup and delivery

Jumppoint International Express

  • Deliver to 125+ countries & regions
  • Your safe and reliable international logistics services
  • One-stop solution from pick-up, customs clearances to last mile delivery



  • 專人上門收件
  • 支援多個海外地區或國家
  • 快至7天到達
  • 簡易報關

Jumppoint Enterprise Supply Chain Solutions

Tailored freight and warehouse solutions for enterprises of all sizes | Professional advisory and solutions from our experienced logistics team

Jumppoint Domestic Freight

  • Airport or terminal pick up
  • Warehouse pickup and delivery
  • Delivery to stores
  • Customized solutions at customers request

Jumppoint Fulfillment Services

  • Professional multi-temperature (cold-chain inclusive) warehousing services
  • Warehouse set-up and management
  • Food Processing and Packaging
  • Last mile delivery

Jumppoint Freight Forwarding

  • Deliver to 125+ countries & regions
  • Support air, sea, road and other multi-modal logistics solutions
  • Safe and reliable international logistics services
  • Pick up and delivery, Consolidation, containerization, devanning, customs clearance, and dangerous goods handling services available



  • 專人上門收件
  • 支援多個海外地區或國家
  • 快至7天到達
  • 簡易報關

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