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Announcing Joint Formation of Smart Warehousing & Logistics Platform With China Resources Logistics

Jumppoint announced today that it has formed a joint smart warehousing & logistics platform with China Resources Logistics.

Jumppoint Announces Joint Formation of Smart Warehousing & Logistics Platform With China Resources Logistics

Jumppoint Announces Joint Formation of Smart Warehousing and Logistics Platform with China Resources Logistics to Drive Technological Advancement in the Logistics Industry through "AI Technology + Logistics Assets” Strategy

AI logistics technology company Jumppoint officially announced today (June 26) that it has successfully formed a joint smart warehousing and logistics platform with China Resources Logistics. Both parties will jointly promote the development of smart technology in the logistics industry.

China Resources Group is a diversified holding enterprise group focused on industrial operations. In 2023, it ranked 74th on the Fortune Global 500 list. Among its subsidiaries, eight are listed in Hong Kong and nine on the mainland, including notable stocks like China Resources Land, China Resources Beer, China Resources Mixc Lifestyle Services, and China Resources Power on the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index.

China Resources Logistics (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Resources Logistics") was established in Hong Kong in 1948. It owns over 11 ambient warehouses and 2 cold storage facilities in Hong Kong, providing more than 5 million square feet of warehousing space, along with a multipurpose terminal. Additionally, it has over 2 million square feet of modern warehousing facilities in Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Zhongshan.

The smart warehousing and logistics platform co-built by Jumppoint and China Resources Logistics will integrate China Resources’ extensive warehousing and logistics asset network with Jumppoint’s leading AI logistics technology, professional logistics talent, and partners within the Jumppoint ecosystem. This collaboration aims to offer high-efficiency, low-cost, and highly flexible digital warehousing and logistics services to users in the supply chain, retail, food and beverage, and logistics industries.

Jumppoint plans to increase its investment in the R&D of AI logistics technology with global partners, and actively upgrading and operating logistics assets. The company will rapidly expand into the logistics technology and asset management markets in the Greater Bay Area, Southeast Asia, and emerging markets, reinforcing its leadership position in the logistics technology sector.

About Jumppoint

Jumppoint was founded in Hong Kong in 2020 and is now Asia's leading logistics technology platform. By utilizing advanced AI technology, it connects and coordinates local and cross-border transport capacity and warehousing resources, providing high-efficiency, low-cost, and highly flexible digital logistics services to global supply chain, retail, and e-commerce users.

Jumppoint was established and is managed by serial entrepreneurs from the technology industry, former executives of international logistics companies, and previous senior postal officials from various countries. Its investors include the Hong Kong Government’s Innovation and Technology Venture Fund, Hong Kong’s Chinachem Group, Asia’s leading venture capital fund Mindworks Ventures, Korea’s IMM Investment, Japan’s Headline Asia, Thailand’s Boon Ventures, and Mr. Philip Kuai, founder of JD Group’s logistics technology platform Dada Group.

Jumppoint宣布與華潤物流合組智慧倉儲物流平台,共同以”AI科技 + 物流資產”策略推動物流行業的科技發展

人工智能AI物流科技公司Jumppoint於今天(6月26日)正式宣布,已成功與華潤物流合組智慧倉儲物流平台,雙方將共同推動智慧物流行業的發展 。







Jumppoint由科技行業連續創業者、國際物流公司前高管、各國郵政前高管成立及管理,股東 包括香港政府創科創投基金、香港華懋集團、亞洲領先的創投基金Mindworks Ventures、韓國的IMM Investment、日本的Headline Asia 、泰國的Boon Ventures、京東集團旗下物流科技平台達達集團的創辦人蒯佳祺先生等。