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Doorstep cold chain delivery solutions
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Cold-Chain freight
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Service features

Logistics cost reduction

Professional cold chain home delivery, starting at just HKD$42 per order, saving over 20% on logistics costs.

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Precise temperature control for shipments

Temperature-controlled fleet for optimal shipment condition, incl. K2500, K2900, and 5-ton to 13-ton refrigerated trucks, offering three temperature ranges:

Frozen: -18°C to -12°C
Chilled: 0°C to 4°C
Air-conditioned: 19°C to 25°C

Track your shipments in real time

Real time shipment tracking available on our website, allowing customers and recipients to quickly check the status of their deliveries. Clear and easily accessible information provides a transparent view of the shipment's progress

Track your shipments

Hassle-free delivery arrrangment

Customer-controlled delivery scheduling with time slot options. Each shipment includes a free 3-day short-term storage period and 2 delivery attempts (automatic return and next-day redelivery in case of failed delivery)

Simplified delivery logistics

Flexible multi-parcel and multi-temperature delivery, eliminating duplicate shipping costs and providing businesses with greater logistics flexibility

超過  5,000位 客戶使用我們的服務


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Starts at HKD$42

Delivery temperature zone

-18°C to -12°C (Frozen)
0°C to 4 °C (Chilled)
19°C to 25°C (Air-con)

Size and weight limits

Max. weight : 30 KG; weight calculation based on the larger figure - the actual weight and the volumetric weight of shipment
Volumetric weight : L(cm) x W(cm) x H(cm) /6,000
Terms & conditions

Payment options
tailored to customer needs

Flexible cash prepayment and cost effective monthly billing

Suitable for :
i. established E-commerce users
ii. traditional wholesale users

Cash prepayment

Flexible delivery arrangements based on demand, with no set time limit or usage restrictions
Ideal for emerging
i. E-commerce
ii. wholesale professionals


Free doorstep pick-up service provided.
Pick-up appointments can be scheduled until 15:00 daily**
Applicable on working days only
No parking or gate fees required.
All monthly billing customers are exempt from bridge tolls, parking fees, and other associated costs during the delivery period

Value added services

Customizable value-added services to meet customers' business needs
Cash on Delivery (COD)
Delivery notification via SMS
Pick-up authorization (Pick-up from the non registered address and next-day delivery)
Document return / Shipment return
Order invoice preparation of sender
Other customized services

E-commerce Logistics Solutions

Tailored solutions to address your website's diverse logistics challenges and streamline operations

Integrated warehousing and cold chain logistics solution

Comprehensive frozen warehousing and cold chain solution provided by Jumppoint Logistics, encompassing pick-up from airports or seaports, warehouse management, packaging and processing, warehouse delivery, and last-mile transportation

pick-up from airports or seaports
warehouse management
warehouse delivery
last-mile transportation
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Efficient delivery of multiple temperature-sensitive items to customers in a single shipment

Efficient multi-parcel, multi-temp shipping for diverse goods. Simplify logistics by sending different temperature-sensitive items together, saving on shipping costs and improving efficiency.

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Say goodbye to manual order placement

Simplify your delivery process with Jumppoint's 2 streamlined options

Jumppoint online ordering platform
API (Application Programming Interface)
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Tailored professional cold chain supply chain services

Jumppoint's customized cold chain supply chain solutions streamline logistics processes and reduce costs for businesses.

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Impressive! The goods arrived in perfect condition, and the delivery was fast and efficient!

Mr. K, the manger of chain Japanese supermarket

Jumppoint is highly professional and their temperature monitoring is meticulous. The goods arrived fresh and their reliability is commendable. Highly recommended!

Jason, the owner of local frozen meat supplier

Stable service and punctual deliveries! Highly satisfied!

Mr. Quan, the owner of a cha chaan teng (Hong Kong-style tea restaurant)

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