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Post-Pandemic Impacts on Delivery Options and the Rise of BOPIS

The COVID-19 lockdowns have caused a notable shift in consumer behavior, with online shopping becoming increasingly...

The COVID-19 lockdowns have caused a notable shift in consumer behavior, with online shopping becoming increasingly popular. This change has resulted in the emergence of various delivery options, including "Buy Online, Pickup In-Store" (BOPIS). This blog post will explore the rise of online shopping and the different delivery options available to meet the changing needs of consumers.

  1. Increasing Popularity of E-commerce

Despite the restrictions of shopping in physical stores during COVID-19 lockdowns are no longer in place, people have already developed a strong reliance on online shopping. According to Statista, revenue in the Hong Kong E-commerce Market is projected to reach US$20.72 billion in 2024. The convenience of being able to shop from anywhere using their smartphones has become ingrained in their habits. Additionally, the rise of hybrid workplaces and remote work arrangements has further accelerated this shift towards online shopping.

  1. The Rise of BOPIS

One notable trend about online shopping is the growing popularity of BOPIS services. According to Invesp, nearly 67% of shoppers in the US have used BOPIS in 2023. BOPIS allows customers to make their purchases online and collect them at a designated pickup point, typically at a physical store location. This option provides the best of both worlds by combining the convenience of online shopping with the instant gratification of in-store pickup. 

  1. Benefits of implementing BOPIS

Implementing BOPIS offers several significant benefits. 

  • It enables customers to conveniently collect their purchases from nearby pickup locations at a time at their convenience, eliminating the need for them to travel long distances to physical stores without prior knowledge of product availability.
  • It allows retailers to gain greater control over inventory management by receiving online orders and accurately determining the required stock levels. 
  • E-commerce stores and consumers can reduce shipping costs associated with door-to-door delivery. Instead, E-commerce stores can utilize their existing store infrastructure to fulfill orders, or deliver the products into designated pickup stores.
  1. Limitations of BOPIS

Although BOPIS streamlines the pickup process, there are still cases where relying solely on in-store pickup is not feasible. This is especially true for heavy or vulnerable products that are difficult for customers to transport themselves. Therefore, it is important to provide various delivery options to cater different needs of customers.

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