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Are Free Returns the New Standard in E-commerce?

The countdown to Black Friday has begun, and this shopping bonanza gives a big opportunity for E-commerce owners to enhance..

Are Free Returns the New Standard in E-commerce?

It is very convenient to buy everything you need at physical stores in Hong Kong, therefore incentives such as free returns and lenient return policies are essential to attract consumers to make online purchases. 

However, the true cost of returns for firms is far more than shipping costs. An item must go through grading when it is returned to a fulfilment centre, to determine whether it can be redistributed, or transferred to an outlet store where it will be sold at a reduced price. You may even need to destroy the product if it is not in a condition for resale.

Strategies of Reducing the Significant Cost of Free Returns

There are several ways to minimize the costs. First, retailers with physical stores can provide the option of free returns in-store, in order to reduce logistics and processing expenses. On the other hand, international store owners can consider setting up return centres or even warehouses in locations that have a significant amount of orders.

For large retailers, you can launch "premium programmes" that offer free shipping and returns on all items to customers who pay an annual subscription. Large retailers with enough regular consumers can benefit from the extra price, but smaller E-commerce companies can find value in it as well. 

For small retailers, you can increase the minimum spend requirement for free delivery, including the policy of free returns. Thus, smaller companies can provide free returns without having to sacrifice their profit margins. Businesses can benefit from this approach as it reduces the cost of dealing with returns, while providing customers with a more convenient and hassle-free return process.

Other Return Strategies

Although E-commerce businesses continue to provide free returns in order to increase customer happiness and retention, research reveals that there are other characteristics that consumers value more than free returns. The ability to select a return location, such as a parcel shop, physical store, or home pick-up, as well as openness in pricing communication, rank higher than free returns. Clear communication on the return procedure and refunds is essential not only for consumers to understand what to expect, but also for businesses to guide desirable consumer behaviour. 

While a lot of E-commerce stores provide free returns in order to increase customer satisfaction and retention, customers might also value other factors. These factors include: parcel shop, physical store, or to-door pick-up, and openness in pricing communication. Clear instructions on return procedures and refunds can maintain customers' expectations, and gain customers' trust.

Strategies to Minimize Return Cases

Besides implementing return policies, you can also reduce return costs by minimizing return cases. More product details can be provided so customers can select their favorite products during the initial purchase. For example, boutiques can provide interactive sizing charts and calculators in order to decrease returns due to poor product fit, while beauty and cosmetics shops can use skin or colour analysis methods to improve the consumer experience and reduce the number of returns.

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