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Beginner's Guide to Online Store Management: How to Launch Your First Online Store

Have you ever thought of opening your own online store? A complete and comprehensive plan is essential for the success of...

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Have you ever thought of opening your own online store? A complete and comprehensive plan is essential for the success of your online store. In this article are 4 practical tips to guide you to the right direction for starting your first online store.

1. Operating the online store full-time v.s. part-time

The first thing you should consider if you want to establish a business is how much time you want to devote to carrying out your business plan.

Opening an online store part-time involves fewer risks than opening an online store full-time. You have the option of stopping at any time or switching to full-time. If the demand continues to rise, you can gradually expand your business scale. However, the issue of time management must be considered, since you must strike a balance between your regular work and online store work.

On the other hand, running an online store full-time gives you more time to devote to your online store. The working flexibility is high, and the online store can be developed rapidly. However, the cost of money and time required is higher, since you give up your regular work to focus on your online shop business.

2. Planning your online shop & product design

After deciding how much time and money you want to invest in your online store, you should implement a series of action plans regarding your online shop & product design, from brand name and logo, to product design and packaging. A good design will not only keep your customers to stay longer in your online store, but also encourage them to share your online store to their family and friends!

3. Promoting your online shops

It is normal for an online store to have no traffic / visitors when it is first established. You can spend part of the marketing costs on placing advertisements on social media platforms, so your online store can be exposed to the accurate target customers. Besides, you can also promote your shop offline, such as participating in a marketplace, to meet your customers face-to-face and understand their thoughts.

4. Shipping your products locally or worldwide

With the limited time & resources when you just start your business, you may choose to focus their resources locally or in the cities / countries that you are familiar with. After your business scale becomes larger, you can gradually expand your business by shipping to more and more countries.

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