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Boost your Sales at Christmas while Staying Eco Friendly

Christmas is approaching in less than a month, and online shops will be making record-breaking online purchases during...

Christmas is approaching in less than a month, and online shops will be making record-breaking online purchases during this festive season. Along with the challenges of finding the best discounts and gifts to loved ones, consumers become more concerned about the environmental effects of e-commerce and transportation.

Now is the perfect time to establish your green credentials and ensure that most of your new clients visit your website throughout the busiest Christmas shopping season, and even beyond. Follow the guidelines in this article to know more tips for developing eco-friendly logistics!

Use Environmentally Friendly Packaging Materials

Let's start from preparing the packaging materials. Posting photos related to "excessive packaging" has become a recent trend in social media, in which customers post pictures of small items delivered in unnecessary boxes and tons of wrapping layers.

Look into eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging options to save yourself from shame. Try to look for packaging options that are recyclable, biodegradable, or reusable. Examples include but not limited to: cornstarch packaging, recycled cardboard and paper, and biodegradable plastics and recycled plastics.

Decrease the Carbon Footprint

Get a clear understanding of your company's current status so that you can set sustainable goals. You might start implementing changes like switching to renewable energy sources or reducing the amount of power used in your warehouses and offices.

Launch Carbon Offsetting Programmes

When you order online, have you ever discovered that the merchant promises to plant a tree to offset your purchase? You may try to launch a carbon offsetting programme in order to show the customers how environmentally conscious they are.

To fulfill the large amount of orders during the Christmas period, it is crucial to provide stable but sustainable logistics service to maintain customers' satisfaction. Jumppoint is your best logistics partner. We utilize our logistics resources and facilitate our logistics process with our in-house proprietary technologies. For instance, we automate the arrangement of routes according to location in order to maximize the number of orders each courier picks up and delivers. With the high efficiency brought by our implementation of technologies, not only do we offer competitive delivery fees, but also reduce the carbon footprint in the industry with our clients.

Learn more how Jumppoint’s E-commerce logistics solutions help you fuel stronger pipelines:

Jumppoint specializes in E-commerce logistics solutions, and knows the value of an effective logistics and fulfillment procedure. Following the implementation of your free shipping strategy, we provide the following logistics solutions for your success:

Standard Express: Jumppoint offers flexible options to suit your business needs. You can choose between convenient home delivery or leverage our extensive network of local pick-up points. By harnessing our proprietary big data and AI technologies, you can streamline your logistics operations and save up to 40% on costs.

International Express: Jumppoint provides a one-stop E-commerce cross-border solution, including pick-up, line-haul, customs clearances, and last-mile delivery. With this cost-efficient E-commerce cross-border solution, you can implement free shipping strategies to meet your business objectives and reach a greater global market.

Fulfillment: With Jumppoint, you can enjoy customized fulfillment solutions with a wide range of value-added services, including product labeling and packaging, according to your business needs. We can assist you when you receive a significant amount of orders.

By partnering with Jumppoint, your logistics will be managed by experts, then you can concentrate on your own operations or marketing strategies.